Personalized Embroidered Items – My Work

Never did I foresee my future using a sewing machine but somehow this is where I wound up. I seriously LOVE going to my sewing room or spending time in my studio creating, sewing and stitchin’ up a storm. It takes me to a good place, re-energizes me, I know ‘it centers me’. I try to develop and stitch useful items for the most part and with some uniqueness.

My aunt is actually to blame for most of this. She gave me my first serger. Then my great friend Rene came over took it out of it’s dusty 2 year home and fired the puppy up….so many machines later I have started peddling my wares. Now you say who is feeding her machine and sewing addiction? Well I’d like to thank not only my aunt but my mother and husband without who’s support I could not have so generously feathered my sewing nest.

You see samples of my items in the heading of my blog. Maybe I’ll add new ones, maybe I’ll just post them and blog about them. I guess we’ll see how MommaOhs blog garden grows.


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  1. Thanks for taking me back to that day in your when our friendship was young & your sewing room was your dining room AND for reminding me of my ‘why’ of sewing instead of buying, I’m off to my ‘Happy Room’.

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