Organizing Ribbon….the bane of many

Well I am working on getting my sewing room and studio area organized. One of the mediums I work with is ribbon so I have spools and spools of ribbon. Some of it is not on spools, some is on 100 yard spools, some on 50, some on 20, some on 9 or 5 yard spools. Some is plain, some printed, some dots. How to organize this? I have read and lusted over several solutions that would work nicely but I had neither the talent to built or the money to buy those I found.

Well today I worked on what I believe to be a solution to my problem (or at least 1/2 my problem). I purchased a self supporting shoe rack (from Lowes I think) and have arranged the rods to hold my 100 and 50 yard rolls on the rods. The smaller rolls I have had to construct slings to hang from the rods to cradle all those various sizes with and without cores. I have 2 more slings to stitch up and tomorrow I can load it up and let you know how it works. I might even post a photo…if I can figure out how!



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2 responses to “Organizing Ribbon….the bane of many

  1. STL Mom

    Hi, MommaOh!
    My ribbon collection must be smaller than yours, because I “organize” it by stuffing it in clear plastic boxes. Except for the ones that are currently draped over the ironing board. Hmm, note to self, “Go clean up crafting area.”

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