Better Safe than Sorry…here’s a tool for you to use.

A couple of years ago at one of our town’s carnivals the Secret Service or FBI had a booth where they took your child’s photo, fingerprints and information on one simple sheet. That was when our daughter was 3 or 4. She’s now 6 and looks so different. So I made a new chart to collect all this information and have it in one place just in case. I pray regularly that I’ll never need it but I guess better safe than sorry.

So I am posting this safety card just in case anyone else would be interested in using it. The photo area accommodates the small size school picture you get each year. I don’t keep my daughter’s SS# on this sheet because she is so young perhaps I will when she starts driving. Once I have the card completed this year I will only update the height, weight and photo for the next couple of years. Following is the link for the safety chart.



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2 responses to “Better Safe than Sorry…here’s a tool for you to use.

  1. Fanilia

    We had a form like that on my father. We kept it with a complete listing of prescriptions and a emergency POA so medical decisions could be made. No matter the age it is good to have information on each family member.

  2. mommaoh

    That’s a great suggestion!
    Thank you for sharing,

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