New Look Not Quite Complete

Still struggling with the custom header….but enough with the style, it will be completed in a day or two. How about some substance (so to speak)?

I was reading a blog the other day (, she has some wonderful sewing tutorials and instructions. So as I rambled through the blog I found a posting she had on removing dreadlocks. Who knew it could be such an ordeal?

Although I am dreadlocks free I did a little more research on this subject. To get dreadlocks at a salon it costs between $200 to $500 or you can try the natural (and free) method by throwing away your hairbrush. Evidently this can take from 6 months to years to complete the dread process and it best to have someone knowledgeable about dreads help you through.

When you tire of your Rastafarian look and it’s time to remove them, you can do this yourself (thus the posting on the blog mentioned above) or go to a salon where removal costs $1000 on up. I wonder if you could shave your head or if the locks would jam up the electric shaver?

Now I have sported the same hairstyle since 1979. Some years it was curled, some years it was BIG, some years asymmetrical, some years blond or highlighted or brunette and some years sleek but always right around a should length bob parted on the left side with no bangs. So I am in noway a candidate for dreadlocks but for whatever reason found this information interesting and shared it with you.


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  1. Pat Espinoza

    My granddaughters love to either take hot chicken noodle soup in their hot container and buttered crackers to dunk, or spaghettio’s and Texas Toast. They are not into sandwiches much unless it is from Subway, got to be the name thing. Love the lunch boxes, Jamie.

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