Twirl Charm Pack Skirt for toddler to 6X

Charm Pack twirl skirt

Charm Pack twirl skirt

I love collecting many things, one of them is charm packs. For the uninitiated these are squares of 5″ x 5″ pieces of fabric bundled by various quantities based on fabric collections, colors, themes, etc. My daughter is 6 now and has for years loved twirl skirts or dresses! So while looking at a friend’s newly completed creations I saw something similar.

I tweaked my charm pack fabric and my friend’s design (along with several other tutes I found online) to make the little skirt above. I put buttonhole elastic in the waistband so it can grow with her. I put the matching dollhead appliques on a purchased shirt and my skirt to complete the set. But the most important thing is that my daughter loves it and loves to twirl!


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One response to “Twirl Charm Pack Skirt for toddler to 6X

  1. STL Mom

    So cute! Too bad my daughter only wants to wear jeans and shorts now…

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