Custom Lunch Bags…Custom Lunches too?

Peace Sign Lunch Box

Peace Sign Lunch Box

Right now it is BTS (back to school) season and I am stitching custom lunch bags. But I’m wondering what does everyone put in these bags? Are they filled with the obligatory PB&J? My daughter’s preference is a Monster Cheese sandwich (aka Muenster) but she will acquiesce and eat a Havarti cheese sandwich too. Veggies and dip or the classic chips or the low cal version pretzels? I usually try to have fresh fruit with a Hersey Kiss for dessert.

Dancing Panda's Pink Lunch Bag

Dancing Panda's Pink Lunch Bag

What are you putting in your child’s lunch bag? I’d love to hear and share BTS recipes! At the end of the month of August I’ll have a random drawing for a custom designed lunch bag all you need to do is submit your best BTS recipe! Good Luck!

Embellish your lunch bag with flowers, appliques, ribbons to suit your style!

Embellish your lunch bag with flowers, appliques, ribbons to suit your style!

The totally reusable lunch set! Wash, rinse and ready.

The totally reusable lunch set! Wash, rinse and ready.



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22 responses to “Custom Lunch Bags…Custom Lunches too?

  1. Alma

    My 10 yr old son Jovan loves to make individual bagel pizza. Cut bagels in half, add ketchup or pizza sauce, add shredded cheese, use half pieces of pepperoni, preheat oven at 300 degrees. Place bagels in cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes. Then enjoy your own personal pizza

  2. Stephanie

    My favorite lunch recipe:

    1) Drive to Women’s Exchange
    2) Order their pre-made special salad with an extra dressing
    3) maybe order a yummy brownie if feeling decadent
    4) drive home
    5) divide salad into at least three servings. Toss with their tasty dressing
    6) eat tasty and filling salad while watching One Life to Live at 1:00 pm.
    This is my favorite lunch……

  3. Hi!

    Love your lunch totes!

    My kids are picky picky picky!! One son’s absolute favorite lunch is left over mac n cheese that I warm to super hot and then put in a thermos. Sorry not very creative!

    So since I am so uncreative when it comes to lunches I want to share a super cute site that has all kinds of ideas in super cute ways to present them.

  4. My oldest daughter loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I use organic peanut butter on both slices of bread, then squirt on some local honey and spread over the peanut butter. It is her favorite, then we usually throw in some fresh fruit, a horizon organic milk box or a bottle of water and usually a special dessert treat for the end. We are also lunch box junkies!!

  5. I LOVE making lunches for my kids. They always get something different, and it is made with my favorite ingredient…LOVE… My son prefers “boy cheese” sandwiches.. (Ham and cheese) my daughter of course wants a “girl cheese” sandwich (just cheese). I always give them a fruit, making sure its different everyday.. They get to pick something small, like crackers..and WATER.. Its hot here in CA so they need hydration.. Candy is not allowed in school…but a little “kiss” from mom is ok!! (a chocolate one)..
    Your lunch bags are adorable and creative!!

  6. Charlotte

    Gosh, its crazy to think that school starts in just a couple of weeks!! My son usally gets to make his own lunch, he’s 10, and this way he can’t complain that he doesn’t like what mommy made him!! It seems like his most common request was for Cheesy Beef and Macaroni… I am sure there is a better name for it, but its one of the few things that he likes cold, since they don’t microwave food at his school.

    We are starting with

    1 pound hamburger meat
    1 can tomato paste
    1 can tomato sauce
    1 to 2 cups of water
    1 box of Macaroni and cheese

    brown the meat and season it to taste, drain the fat. (you don’t have to drain it, but if I don’t, it totally grosses me out. Add tomato sauce, tomato paste, macaroni, cheese packet and water. Simmer until the noodles are tender, you can add more water as needed.

    Most of the time when we have this we make it with corn, because they seem to think corn goes with everything!!

    • mommaoh

      Take out the tomato sauce/paste and corn, then add peas and you have one of my husbands favorite bachelor meals!

      • Vicki

        what a great idea for a contest! LOVE your lunchbags!!
        This will be our first year to make up a lunchbox for school so I am anxious to gather some ideas for my kindergartener!

        We also love peanut butter and honey. I found some really cute “crustless sandwich cutters” in the dollar spot at T@rget. My kiddies will eat anything that is cut into a cute shape! AND they are big fruit eaters. So that’s my plan so far. Not much of a recipe, sorry, but we plan on doing leftovers alot. Another big favorite here. I bought a soup thermos to use for that.

  7. We were stuck in a PB&J rut for a long time until my DS found the “pumpkin” cream cheese in the fridge (it’s actually veggie cream cheese but the container has a picture of a red pepper on the side)! Here’s his fave lunch…surprising for a preschooler, but it gets eaten every time 🙂
    *Croissant with veggie cream cheese, smoked turkey & swiss cheese
    *Mini dill gherkin pickles on the side
    *Sun chips

  8. Kate

    My soon-to-be six-year-old has eaten the same lunch for well over a year. It’s simple and what she really wants, so why argue? I would go insane eating the same thing every day, but Olivia prefers a peanut butter sandwich, no jelly, on Dierbergs brand whole wheat bread, organic yogurt and a Hautley mozzarella stick. Every once in awhile she’ll switch it up by having a piece of fruit in lieu of yogurt, but that’s about as wild as she gets. While boring, it’s at least healthy and well-balanced.

  9. My favorite lunch to make for kids is:
    1. flavored tortilla (usually the tomato basil)
    2. spread garden vegetable cream cheese on one side
    3. distribute grated cheese and carrots, sliced cucumber, tomato and bell pepper onto the tortilla
    4. add lunch meat or left over cut up cold chicken
    5. Roll tortilla up and slice
    Delicious and nutritious!
    I also add fruit slices spritzed with orange juice to keep fresh looking or applesauce.
    Rice milk to drink and an organic fruit leather for dessert.

  10. My favorite recipe is for a dish called peanut butter and plate. I put a bunch of peanut butter on a plate for my two oldest and they eat it. I’m done in less then one minute. It is a great time saver.

  11. My kids love the mac and cheese we make at home fresh and put in a bowl or a thermos. They’ll eat it for any meal or snack. We boil favorite noodles like penne or elbow until soft. Drain the water. Add butter, heavy cream and velveeta. Blend together over med high heat. One of my girls likes it plain just that way, one likes it with a sprinkling of medium cheddar cheese and one likes it with soft bacon bits. This takes less than 15 min to make and it can be made the night before it goes in a thermos. To re-heat and make it taste just as good as the first cooking, place the mac and cheese in a pot on med high heat, add just a little more heavy cream and stir until mix and hot. Tastes like comfort food to me.

    They also like turkey and cheese rolls up that can be made with or without a soft tortilla, a slice of their favorite flavor cheese and a slice of thin turkey all rolled up for little hands to hold and bite. Super fast and really tasty.

    As a side to either of these, one daughter loves red grapes, one loves bananas and one loves apple chunks. Easy finger foods with a great taste and good nutrition.

    Now just add water or your favorite juice and your lunch is all ready to go.

  12. Hi, My two little ones are odd eaters……My son (almost 5) makes the rules and my daughter (3) follows him….Right now he is on a boiled egg kick. He also will eat black olives anytime, anywhere…..His absolute favorite is dill pickles w/ ranch dressing and he loves his crystal light, preferably pink lemonade. Oh, I forgot, he also likes his bread….but plain. No sandwiches here! Sounds strange, I know….but if he eats I am happy! L~*

  13. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm……does Coffee count???

    LOL…ok if any of your girls are on Recipezaar let me know and hit me up on my page…I would love to share some good recipes:)


  14. Well my little one starts school Friday so we have no lunch routine however…She has informed me her favorite thing will be to take whatever she wants out of the Pantry. LOL She love bologna sandwiches and hot dogs!

  15. We recently signed up to receive low fat menus weekly and we LOVE it. Our little one liked the hamburger pizzas among others.

    With this recipe you take a pound of ground beef and brown it and then add pizza sauce until warm. Spoon on top of half a hamburger bun (whole wheat) and then add chopped turkey pepperoni’s. Bake at 400 for 10 minutes and then sprinkle with cheese and bake another 5 minutes or until cheese has melted. YUMMY.

    We have grapes and apple slices with this one and it makes a great quick and easy dinner/lunch.


  16. Evie

    My kids love Grilled Pizza Sandwiches. I found this one day on Recipezaar and they love it.

    * 2 slices of bread
    * a slice of mozzarella cheese
    * 2 tablespoons pizza sauce
    * Butter
    Place butter side down in a pre-heated, non-stick skillet and spread one tablespoon of the pizza sauce on the bread.


    Layer the slices of cheese on top of the pizza sauce.

    Spread the other tablespoon of pizza sauce on the bread, place on top the cheese and butter the top side of the bread.

    Grill on each side until golden brown.

  17. I used to be creative, and then I noticed that my creative lunches came back home, uneaten. Now 95% of my daughter’s lunches consist of a PB&J and a piece of fruit.
    When we get wild and crazy, I send a hard boiled egg, or a frozen tube of yogurt, again with fruit. Once in a while I send an insulated container with hot pancakes and maple syrup.
    If anyone has to deal with a nut-free lunchroom, we discovered that sunflower seed butter tastes much better than soy butter.

  18. OK, I was reading my Mom’s old magazines…and jackpot! These are not healthy, but I’m sure they are better than ‘store-bought’, and you can ‘health’ them up a bit if you choose. So, check out Family Circle April 17, 2009! Twinkies, Ho Ho’s, Snowballs (round rolled in coconut cakes). The cover will make you smile. The recipes are buried on page 125. I’m going to try a couple out…soon…well, as soon as I’m done unpacking…

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