National Share Your Best Secret Day, Week, Month, whenever you happen to read this….


Attention all embroiders! Today on MommaOh’s blog it is National Share Your Best Secret day, week, month, whenever you happen to run across this entry. I am going to share with you the *BEST* secret I have. It is for purchasing embroidery needles. If like me you are tired of shelling out $3 to $5 every whip stitch for more embroidery needles and trying to eek out the last item before changing to a new one….you are going to be so happy! If you don’t embroider you are going to want to move on.

Go to Pinpoint International. Here you can buy flatback Organ brand embroidery needles by the 100’s (smallest quantity they offer) at a price that will make your eyes bug out. Literally, trust me or if not go look for yourself at the link above. Since this company deals mostly with commercial machines you will need to email or call (it’s toll free) to order. Make sure you indicate you want flatback needles (unless you have a commercial embroidery machine) and you’ll need to decide before calling if you want the regular needles or titanium, ball point or sharp and of course the size or sizes you want.

The folks are courteous, accurate and shipping is quick—although a touch high. But including the shipping you still can’t beat the needle price. While we both are based in St Louis I have no relationship (familial, monetary or otherwise) beyond having purchased needles from them.

Okay, I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours, best secret that is.


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