I’m dancing as fast as I can and it’s not Flamenco either…

My house is clean and mostly straighten. The laundry is done (with help!) and Tuesday is coming to a close. My daughter has survived her second day of 1st grade with no snack in the afternoon (I’m considering sending this in to Ripley’s) and we finally got rain. Life is good.

But to achieve this tired sense of happiness I truly need to “dance as fast as I can” to keep it all going. Okay while waiting at the bus stop this afternoon I did slip in 20 minutes of Janet Evanovich (but the bus was late or it would have been 7 minutes).

Back in the day of black and white television there was a variety show called, ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ (David Letterman’s show is produced in the Ed Sullivan Theater). Along with a little Italian mouse named Topo Gigio I am sure one night I saw a woman spin plates on sticks 10, 20, who remembers. She ran from stick to stick spinning and re-spinning those plates to make sure none slowed down and fell. It made my toes curl with anxiety back then and I must admit even remembering the act brings about a clammy feel to my palms. Was she happy keeping all those plates spinning? Was life good?

flamenco dancers

Some days I think my life might look like a re-enactment of her performance, but without the mouse of course! Rodents, whether stuffed or real, are low on my guest list. But for now I’m going to tuck in my tummy, bottom under, stand up tall and grab my ruffled hem and castanets…it’s time for the Flamenco!


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One response to “I’m dancing as fast as I can and it’s not Flamenco either…

  1. I’ve decided to wait until my kids go to school, then I’ll clean the house. I’m tired of my clean floor looking filthy an hour later!
    Tomorrow is the first day of school, but it’s a half day and there’s a coffee/PTA meeting for parents. I suspect that no vacuuming will occur until Friday.

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