Great Idea for a Non-Profit Fund Raiser


As I have mentioned before I have a subscription to ReadyMade magazine. The current issue sported the ad above. I thought this is a very powerful (although sad) ad and could be a great not-for-profit money maker.

Using the same format as Walk, Run or Biking fund raisers; here the participants get paid for picking up trash. The group selects an area to clean then gets friends and family to sponsor by pound of trash collected. Children, parents, grandparents, everyone can participate in collecting trash for your fundraiser. Make money by doing something wonderful for your community, park, road, area. Truly a great idea for a fundraiser.



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2 responses to “Great Idea for a Non-Profit Fund Raiser

  1. lightamiabella

    Wow, that’s a great idea! Although it doesn’t sound very fun, it would be a big money maker for those groups in the city. Thanks for the post.

  2. Pammy

    Okay… so I like this.. for some reason I bet that would sell on etsy for like 50 bucks someone considering it a piece of art about our lifestyle.

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