And the Winner is…….

State of the Art Random Drawing Equipment

State of the Art Random Drawing Equipment

Yesterday ended the great custom lunch recipe for a custom lunch bag give away! I did the drawing today and the winner is………(imagine drumroll here)……Lisa from (cute items!). If she is unable to receive her lunch bag the second runner up is Donni from (gorgeous blog) and the third runner up is Libby from (darling, darling items). Que the applause blinking sign and light it up. Congratulations to our winner!!!

Although this was a random drawing, everyone provided recipes to enter, so please enjoy the recipes found in the comment section of the Custom Lunch blog entry! My family has already enjoyed a couple of them for a nice change of pace.

Now what sort of contest would be good for the month of September? Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?



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4 responses to “And the Winner is…….

  1. Kate

    Even though it’s barely September, it feels like full-on Fall. How about a fall crafts contest? This is our favorite weather to be out and about in nature, and I am always looking for fun things to do with Olivia.

    • mommaoh

      That’s a great idea! Everyone can send in photos of their Favorite Fall Fun Craft. Let’s say by the 22nd and then I can set up an email for folks to vote for their favorite!

      For the prize? Halloween headbands perhaps?

  2. Yea!!! I am so excited to win!!! I cant wait to get our lunch box!!!

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