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Book Club 1st Installment

Maisy Dobb

This will be a reoccurring topic on my blog. Book club is great group of women who provide a safe environment for me to be myself and encourage me to be my best. It is a group of truly nice women from all walks of life, our births spaced within a decade or so of each other in North America and Europe.

I have to say that not everyone likes the same type of reading material so we try to be democratic. At the end of each year we use one meeting to submit our ideas for the upcoming year, informally vote for the books we want to read and make a monthly list. Each month the meeting rotates from one member’s home to the next.

The meeting? Well we try to plan our food around the book we read that month. However some books do not lend themselves to great meals…so we have fun meals instead! The book Maisey Dobbs springs to mind where we had a Military inspired meal of SOS, MRE’s and other pot luck goodies. Still it was one of our best meetings.

This month we are reading “A Conspiracy of Paper” by David Liss. A book I have owned for quite a while, so this will be the impetus I need to get it read. I am a great *owner* of books and don’t always get them read. I would also categorize myself as a lazy reader, I read only what I find interesting and easy. Make it a little challenging or outside of my normal interest range and I shy away. Case in point, I never would have read My Life In France had it not been for book club.

Of course this was a book that lent itself all too well to a wonderful meal. All but the french fries which were the tongue in cheek portion. Book, ladies and the meal alike exceeded my expectations. The conversation was on topic, the wine excellent and the discussions lively. It was a nice book I would have missed had it not been for book club.

If you are in a good book club, lucky you. If you are not, start one. Until then read along with me and I’ll share my experiences with you.


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