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Another issue hits the streets…

Hot off the virtual presses is the latest issue of Modern Handmade Child a free online magazine chocked full of cookie and warm beverage recipes, articles on decor, slow food, surviving the holidays and great gift idea!

Be sure and look for my ad in the back of the magazine! It looks just like this….

ModHandChld-Nov-09-Issue Ad


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Child’s personalized, monogrammed, embroidered chef’s hat and apron set

Lucky little Ava! This is a cute chef’s cotton/poly blend hat and apron that has been embroidered and embellished with ribbon. A perfect gift for the little ones in your life. Listed on ….see you there!

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What will you name yours?

What will you name yours?

It seems each year the catalogs arrive earlier and earlier to grab your gift giving dollars. The beginning of October found the first ones in my post box. A new, at least to our address, children’s catalog called arrived in the first flurry. While flipping through it I found a game called Bananagrams that visually caught my attention. As I read about the game I saw it had won the Toy Industry of America’s 2009 Best Game of the Year Award and was for 1 to 8 players, ages 7+.

I liked it because it was like Scrabble but less restricting and it was played quickly so many games could be enjoyed. Although it didn’t encompass the math skills Scrabble does, Bananagram is very portable. The price seemed reasonable at $17.95 (+s&h) but my mind drifted to the scrabble games we already owned and all those tiles…..

So for the backseat of her minivan I think that MommaOh should make her own bag and fill it with recycled Scrabble tiles from the games in the basement. It won’t be the same as Bananagram but our own rules can be made and the math can be added back in if we want. I’m sure it won’t win any awards but it will still be fun, educational and if I reuse a bag from around the house, our game will be comprised with all recycled items. Yeah, I’m good with not winning an award.

Hmmm now what should I name my upcycled bag of tiles game? ‘MommaOh My Word’ of course. What will you name yours?


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Halloween Headbands Winners Are…….

JackolanternsUsing my state of the art drawing system like last time BUT asking my dear daughter to pick the names, we have winners!
Without further ado:
Jennifer= Candy Corn (and I need your addy)
Suzanne A= Boo (I have your address?)
Angela = Black Cat (I need your addy)
Jacquie = Bats N Cats (I need your addy)
Last but certainly not least, Jan S = Jack-O-Lanterns (I need your addy)

So if you winners can send me ( your mailing addresses tonight. I can pop them into the mail tomorrow so you can have them for Halloween!! Congratulations for being lucky!


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A look back at the winner of the lunch bag…

Lisa, the last winner choose, an embroidered lunch bag with soccer ball and soccer ribbon.

Lisa, the last winner choose, an embroidered lunch bag with soccer ball and soccer ribbon.

Did Lisa at get her gift? Why yes and on the eve of the drawing for the Halloween headbands here’s the photo.


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Whew…not much time before Halloween so let’s have a quick contest!

CandyCorn headband which can be monogrammed for the perfect treat!

CandyCorn headband which can be monogrammed for the perfect treat!

It seems September came and went in a blur. Then one half of October streamed by before I’ve had a breather to update my blog. While I still have the lunch bags on my web site I am focusing on monogrammed headbands both knit and ribbon. So to begin promoting my headbands I have 5 Halloween ones to give away to 5 lucky winners.

Just leave a comment to this post to enter. Then using my high tech drawing system (see post on September 1, 2009) I will draw the winners next Saturday, Oct 24 so I will have time to mail them out! Make sure I have your mailing address–if you believe I do not have access to your address (and are feeling lucky) please email it to me at .

Shown with this posting are 4 photos of the five headbands being given away!




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Run don’t walk to Silly Frilly Kids!!!


Kerrie, the owner of Silly Frilly Kids, and I decided during a lull in our business that we would do a swap. Her children needed lunch bags and my daughter (who is growing her hair out – bangs included) was in need of something to hold back her tresses. I looked at her wonderful ribbon characters at and was wowed by her craftsmanship! When the package came it was so beautifully done I hated to open it. But I knew the real gems lay further inside!

Well I opened the sparkling cellophane packages, neatly tied with organza ribbon and out came 5 of the most perfect little ribbon characters you have ever laid your eyes on! Now I must confess that swap (and possibly the other marketing I did during that time) provided just the kick I needed to jump start the orders back into my business. So the little princesses, fairies and ballerina patiently waited just so while I worked away on my new orders.

Sleeping Beauty, Tink, Cinderella, Ballerina & Lavender Fairy

Sleeping Beauty, Tink, Cinderella, Ballerina & Lavender Fairy

Well another well deserved lull has occurred in my orders and I am taking this opportunity to bring out these little treasures. No, my dear daughter has not seen them yet. I’d love to save them for her to wear at school and I am torn between holding onto them a little longer or letting her enjoy them during the dog days of August. Maybe I’ll hold on to them so I can enjoy them just a little while longer…what’s that…oh Tink is getting impatient…..gotta go!

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