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Another issue hits the streets…

Hot off the virtual presses is the latest issue of Modern Handmade Child a free online magazine chocked full of cookie and warm beverage recipes, articles on decor, slow food, surviving the holidays and great gift idea!

Be sure and look for my ad in the back of the magazine! It looks just like this….

ModHandChld-Nov-09-Issue Ad


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The Slipperiness of Time Management …..

dali time

While convo-ing with a new BFF on etsy, I was bellyaching that my time had completely gone wonky today. It seemed the harder I worked the further behind I fell. As I typed these words, Salvador Dali’s image (shown above) leapt to mind. That was the exact experience I was having with time management. So I stuck the image in my convo with her and felt better —both because I had gotten it off my chest, but as importantly the realization that management of time can be slippery whether you are a famous Spanish artist from another era or me in 2009.

I enjoyed this thought and image. I even blogged about it on the etsykids site and shared the following Dali quote (that I am usurping in the morning when my eyes flutter open), “”Every morning when I wake up, I experience an exquisite joy – the joy of being Salvador Dalí – Momma Oh and I ask myself in rapture: What wonderful things this Salvador Dalí Momma Oh is going to accomplish today?”

Okay maybe my eyes won’t flutter as much as they will be pried open by 6 year old fingers and I won’t quite ask myself in rapture as much as I will try to remember which day of the week it is, but I will ask, “Where is that to do list?” Close enough.

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Wow have I been gone that long?

Hard to believe my last post was in early December! But it was and the wonderful 2008  holiday season along with family birthdays, epiphany, flu season and the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America has come to pass. So I once again take up my pen and begin to write…….

Well, I finished my ribbon rack for my new studio area (oh yes we gave our pool table to a family that was building a rec room in their basement) and have a new cutting table that my husband and I constructed. Mostly my husband, thank you honey. Now back to the rack for ribbon….hmmm how to say it? It’s not a total success so there will be no photos yet but I haven’t said “Uncle”. It’s a process, yeah right that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.

I have been stashing ideas for blog posts so today let’s start today with Appliqueing. This is a new obsession for me and right now I am personalizing towels with names. Here are just a few photos to give you an idea how cute these can be!




I’ve done about 1/2 dozen or so. I have given them or had them purchased from me for new born gifts, pool towels, birthday gifts and nap towels for Kindergarten. I personalize them with names but you could really use any word or symbol. They are easy to make and can be done in 4 easy steps!

1) Select your towel size and color. Coordinate your fabrics with your towel. you can use the same fabric for each letter but I love the look of using various coordinating fabrics. This is a great use for your scrap fabrics! When choosing your fabrics you will want to consider the fiber content. I prefer to use 100% cotton as it washes well, wears well and it ravels oh so slightly around the edges which is a look I love!

2) Next choose a font (type style) you like on your computer. Remember while choosing you are going to have to cut it out  AND sew around it, so you may want to refrain from too many curlicues. Enlarge each letter to your desired size and print. My preference is to make the letters 4″ to 6″ tall depending on the length of the name and size of the towel.

3) Cut out the letters and place on fabric, trace and cut again. If you are going to make more than one towel you may want to transfer your letter to card stock or Mylar for a longer lived pattern.

4) Now you have your individual letters. Place on your towel. I like to spread them out and play with the orientation. Since mine have been for children and babies I love the energy & whimsy projected when I skew the letters of the name. For an adult application this may or may not work. Once your letters are in position, pin in place and  it’s time to stitch. Now I like to use various stitches to match the feeling of the towel and fabric I am working on. But the simplest and attractive method is to sew a simple zigzag stitch around the outside of each letter (and the inside of letters like O, P, etc) so that all the edges are adhered to the towel.

Variations: I have hand stitched letters on a towel using embroidery floss, as it achieved a look that I was going for. I have used Wonder-under on some towels to create a sturdier bond and I have quilted the letters on the towel instead of just zigzagging around the edge. Share your ideas or applique projects via the comment section.

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Organizing Ribbon….the bane of many

Well I am working on getting my sewing room and studio area organized. One of the mediums I work with is ribbon so I have spools and spools of ribbon. Some of it is not on spools, some is on 100 yard spools, some on 50, some on 20, some on 9 or 5 yard spools. Some is plain, some printed, some dots. How to organize this? I have read and lusted over several solutions that would work nicely but I had neither the talent to built or the money to buy those I found.

Well today I worked on what I believe to be a solution to my problem (or at least 1/2 my problem). I purchased a self supporting shoe rack (from Lowes I think) and have arranged the rods to hold my 100 and 50 yard rolls on the rods. The smaller rolls I have had to construct slings to hang from the rods to cradle all those various sizes with and without cores. I have 2 more slings to stitch up and tomorrow I can load it up and let you know how it works. I might even post a photo…if I can figure out how!


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