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Here ye, Here ye! Winners Have Been Drawn!

Here ye, Here ye! Winners are drawn!

Here ye, Here ye! Winners are drawn!

It’s the first day of December and here at MommaOh’s we have completed the drawing for the two personalized aprons. I must say we had fabulous Thanksgiving eats and I owe a lot of it to your recipes. Wow! Each one was as yummy as the one listed above and below. You gals know how to cook.

Since my husband was sooooo appreciative of your submissions, he acquiesced to my request and pulled the names from the official MommaOh blue drawing bowl. So without further aggrandizing the winners are……Adult Apron Winner is Marsha Gardner and Child’s Apron Winner is Caroline.

However I think I am the biggest winner of all this time with all the great recipes! I am very thankful to every one who participated.


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Let’s Talk Turkey & Swap Our Favorite Thanksgiving Day Recipes

Thanksgiving recipe swap with monogrammed apron drawing

Well time to find just the right envelope with the backside completely empty so I can start on my Thanksgiving menu since we will be home this year. Have you noticed it’s harder to find just the right envelope since snail mail is less plentiful than it used to be? Perhaps this year I’ll use the keyboard and printer instead of licking the end of my pencil pensively prior to writing each item on my list. Regardless of how the menu is compiled I could use some great recipes.

So add your favorite Thanksgiving recipe animal, vegetable or dessert; it doesn’t matter as long as it is wonderful and you don’t leave out any ingredients. Your reward for sharing? Your recipe will be your entry for a personalized/monogrammed apron….just in time for holiday baking!

One recipe will enter you for 2 drawings one for an adult apron and one for a child’s apron. So dig out your cranberry secrets or your clandestine L-tryptophan hints and comment* on this posting to enter. Be sure to check back through out the month and pick up recipes for your Turkey Day Dinner. Mark December 1, 2009 on your calendar as the winners will be posted and it may be you! Contest only open to mailing addresses in the US and Canada.

Boys Canvas Apron with Chef Hat Monogrammed Personalized Embroidered

Boy or Girls Poly Cotton Blend Apron & Chefs Hat Monogrammed Personalized Embroidered Embellished

Girls White Canvas Apron & Chef's Hat Embroidered Monogrammed & Personalized

*Comments are not immediately posted. Be assured they will be approved and shown as expeditiously as possible.


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Another issue hits the streets…

Hot off the virtual presses is the latest issue of Modern Handmade Child a free online magazine chocked full of cookie and warm beverage recipes, articles on decor, slow food, surviving the holidays and great gift idea!

Be sure and look for my ad in the back of the magazine! It looks just like this….

ModHandChld-Nov-09-Issue Ad

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And the Winner is…….

State of the Art Random Drawing Equipment

State of the Art Random Drawing Equipment

Yesterday ended the great custom lunch recipe for a custom lunch bag give away! I did the drawing today and the winner is………(imagine drumroll here)……Lisa from (cute items!). If she is unable to receive her lunch bag the second runner up is Donni from (gorgeous blog) and the third runner up is Libby from (darling, darling items). Que the applause blinking sign and light it up. Congratulations to our winner!!!

Although this was a random drawing, everyone provided recipes to enter, so please enjoy the recipes found in the comment section of the Custom Lunch blog entry! My family has already enjoyed a couple of them for a nice change of pace.

Now what sort of contest would be good for the month of September? Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


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Custom Lunch Bags…Custom Lunches too?

Peace Sign Lunch Box

Peace Sign Lunch Box

Right now it is BTS (back to school) season and I am stitching custom lunch bags. But I’m wondering what does everyone put in these bags? Are they filled with the obligatory PB&J? My daughter’s preference is a Monster Cheese sandwich (aka Muenster) but she will acquiesce and eat a Havarti cheese sandwich too. Veggies and dip or the classic chips or the low cal version pretzels? I usually try to have fresh fruit with a Hersey Kiss for dessert.

Dancing Panda's Pink Lunch Bag

Dancing Panda's Pink Lunch Bag

What are you putting in your child’s lunch bag? I’d love to hear and share BTS recipes! At the end of the month of August I’ll have a random drawing for a custom designed lunch bag all you need to do is submit your best BTS recipe! Good Luck!

Embellish your lunch bag with flowers, appliques, ribbons to suit your style!

Embellish your lunch bag with flowers, appliques, ribbons to suit your style!

The totally reusable lunch set! Wash, rinse and ready.

The totally reusable lunch set! Wash, rinse and ready.


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Run don’t walk to Silly Frilly Kids!!!


Kerrie, the owner of Silly Frilly Kids, and I decided during a lull in our business that we would do a swap. Her children needed lunch bags and my daughter (who is growing her hair out – bangs included) was in need of something to hold back her tresses. I looked at her wonderful ribbon characters at and was wowed by her craftsmanship! When the package came it was so beautifully done I hated to open it. But I knew the real gems lay further inside!

Well I opened the sparkling cellophane packages, neatly tied with organza ribbon and out came 5 of the most perfect little ribbon characters you have ever laid your eyes on! Now I must confess that swap (and possibly the other marketing I did during that time) provided just the kick I needed to jump start the orders back into my business. So the little princesses, fairies and ballerina patiently waited just so while I worked away on my new orders.

Sleeping Beauty, Tink, Cinderella, Ballerina & Lavender Fairy

Sleeping Beauty, Tink, Cinderella, Ballerina & Lavender Fairy

Well another well deserved lull has occurred in my orders and I am taking this opportunity to bring out these little treasures. No, my dear daughter has not seen them yet. I’d love to save them for her to wear at school and I am torn between holding onto them a little longer or letting her enjoy them during the dog days of August. Maybe I’ll hold on to them so I can enjoy them just a little while longer…what’s that…oh Tink is getting impatient…..gotta go!

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