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Another issue hits the streets…

Hot off the virtual presses is the latest issue of Modern Handmade Child a free online magazine chocked full of cookie and warm beverage recipes, articles on decor, slow food, surviving the holidays and great gift idea!

Be sure and look for my ad in the back of the magazine! It looks just like this….

ModHandChld-Nov-09-Issue Ad


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What will you name yours?

What will you name yours?

It seems each year the catalogs arrive earlier and earlier to grab your gift giving dollars. The beginning of October found the first ones in my post box. A new, at least to our address, children’s catalog called arrived in the first flurry. While flipping through it I found a game called Bananagrams that visually caught my attention. As I read about the game I saw it had won the Toy Industry of America’s 2009 Best Game of the Year Award and was for 1 to 8 players, ages 7+.

I liked it because it was like Scrabble but less restricting and it was played quickly so many games could be enjoyed. Although it didn’t encompass the math skills Scrabble does, Bananagram is very portable. The price seemed reasonable at $17.95 (+s&h) but my mind drifted to the scrabble games we already owned and all those tiles…..

So for the backseat of her minivan I think that MommaOh should make her own bag and fill it with recycled Scrabble tiles from the games in the basement. It won’t be the same as Bananagram but our own rules can be made and the math can be added back in if we want. I’m sure it won’t win any awards but it will still be fun, educational and if I reuse a bag from around the house, our game will be comprised with all recycled items. Yeah, I’m good with not winning an award.

Hmmm now what should I name my upcycled bag of tiles game? ‘MommaOh My Word’ of course. What will you name yours?


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September Fun Fall Crafts Competition

Illustration from the 2009 Family Fun Online Magazine

Illustration from the 2009 Family Fun Online Magazine

A great idea was given to me by my friend Kate. She suggested and I concur for the month of September run a Fall Craft Contest! So send me photos/tutorials/directions of your favorite fall craft and I will post them to the blog. Deadline for submission is September 22, 2009. From the 23rd to the 30th be sure to vote for your favorite item. I will set up a mailbox/other widget/voting site for everyone to use to cast their vote.

So collect your leaves, stuff your scarecrows, gather your gourds and share with us your favorite fall craft. We are waiting to see your contribution….email your submissions to

Oh and the prize, other than the glory of winning, will be 3 fall headbands, photos of them this month will be posted this month.

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And the Winner is…….

State of the Art Random Drawing Equipment

State of the Art Random Drawing Equipment

Yesterday ended the great custom lunch recipe for a custom lunch bag give away! I did the drawing today and the winner is………(imagine drumroll here)……Lisa from (cute items!). If she is unable to receive her lunch bag the second runner up is Donni from (gorgeous blog) and the third runner up is Libby from (darling, darling items). Que the applause blinking sign and light it up. Congratulations to our winner!!!

Although this was a random drawing, everyone provided recipes to enter, so please enjoy the recipes found in the comment section of the Custom Lunch blog entry! My family has already enjoyed a couple of them for a nice change of pace.

Now what sort of contest would be good for the month of September? Ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


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National Share Your Best Secret Day, Week, Month, whenever you happen to read this….


Attention all embroiders! Today on MommaOh’s blog it is National Share Your Best Secret day, week, month, whenever you happen to run across this entry. I am going to share with you the *BEST* secret I have. It is for purchasing embroidery needles. If like me you are tired of shelling out $3 to $5 every whip stitch for more embroidery needles and trying to eek out the last item before changing to a new one….you are going to be so happy! If you don’t embroider you are going to want to move on.

Go to Pinpoint International. Here you can buy flatback Organ brand embroidery needles by the 100’s (smallest quantity they offer) at a price that will make your eyes bug out. Literally, trust me or if not go look for yourself at the link above. Since this company deals mostly with commercial machines you will need to email or call (it’s toll free) to order. Make sure you indicate you want flatback needles (unless you have a commercial embroidery machine) and you’ll need to decide before calling if you want the regular needles or titanium, ball point or sharp and of course the size or sizes you want.

The folks are courteous, accurate and shipping is quick—although a touch high. But including the shipping you still can’t beat the needle price. While we both are based in St Louis I have no relationship (familial, monetary or otherwise) beyond having purchased needles from them.

Okay, I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours, best secret that is.

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Custom Lunch Bags…Custom Lunches too?

Peace Sign Lunch Box

Peace Sign Lunch Box

Right now it is BTS (back to school) season and I am stitching custom lunch bags. But I’m wondering what does everyone put in these bags? Are they filled with the obligatory PB&J? My daughter’s preference is a Monster Cheese sandwich (aka Muenster) but she will acquiesce and eat a Havarti cheese sandwich too. Veggies and dip or the classic chips or the low cal version pretzels? I usually try to have fresh fruit with a Hersey Kiss for dessert.

Dancing Panda's Pink Lunch Bag

Dancing Panda's Pink Lunch Bag

What are you putting in your child’s lunch bag? I’d love to hear and share BTS recipes! At the end of the month of August I’ll have a random drawing for a custom designed lunch bag all you need to do is submit your best BTS recipe! Good Luck!

Embellish your lunch bag with flowers, appliques, ribbons to suit your style!

Embellish your lunch bag with flowers, appliques, ribbons to suit your style!

The totally reusable lunch set! Wash, rinse and ready.

The totally reusable lunch set! Wash, rinse and ready.


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Wonderful New Zine Coming August 2009!!!


Modern Handmade Child is offering a small sample of their new ezine!

Due out this August the premiere issue should be great! Don’t miss out.

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