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Another issue hits the streets…

Hot off the virtual presses is the latest issue of Modern Handmade Child a free online magazine chocked full of cookie and warm beverage recipes, articles on decor, slow food, surviving the holidays and great gift idea!

Be sure and look for my ad in the back of the magazine! It looks just like this….

ModHandChld-Nov-09-Issue Ad


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Wonderful New Zine Coming August 2009!!!


Modern Handmade Child is offering a small sample of their new ezine!

Due out this August the premiere issue should be great! Don’t miss out.

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Great Idea Winner of the MacGyver Challenge

I have a subscription to a Magazine called ReadyMade
where at the end of each issue the winner of their MacGyver Challenge is showcased. At the same time they issue a new challenge for the following month.

Well take a look at this because it is MommaOh’s MacGyver Challenge winner. Oh course there was no challenge but if there had been how could anyone have beat this?

When you are outdoors and the sun is playing havoc with your digital video camera snap out viewer slip on your koozie and viola it’s shaded!

What can't see your digital video camera screen?

What can't see your digital video camera screen?


Who’s great idea is this (and photos who I am using with her permission!)? A brilliant woman named Anita click on her name to connect and see her other goodies! Thanks Anita for letting me blog about your great idea!


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