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What will you name yours?

What will you name yours?

It seems each year the catalogs arrive earlier and earlier to grab your gift giving dollars. The beginning of October found the first ones in my post box. A new, at least to our address, children’s catalog called www.chinaberry.com arrived in the first flurry. While flipping through it I found a game called Bananagrams that visually caught my attention. As I read about the game I saw it had won the Toy Industry of America’s 2009 Best Game of the Year Award and was for 1 to 8 players, ages 7+.

I liked it because it was like Scrabble but less restricting and it was played quickly so many games could be enjoyed. Although it didn’t encompass the math skills Scrabble does, Bananagram is very portable. The price seemed reasonable at $17.95 (+s&h) but my mind drifted to the scrabble games we already owned and all those tiles…..

So for the backseat of her minivan I think that MommaOh should make her own bag and fill it with recycled Scrabble tiles from the games in the basement. It won’t be the same as Bananagram but our own rules can be made and the math can be added back in if we want. I’m sure it won’t win any awards but it will still be fun, educational and if I reuse a bag from around the house, our game will be comprised with all recycled items. Yeah, I’m good with not winning an award.

Hmmm now what should I name my upcycled bag of tiles game? ‘MommaOh My Word’ of course. What will you name yours?



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Upcycled Albums

Everything old is new again when you take your old lps and stick them in the oven. My husband has converted most of his albums to cd’s (purchased not recorded) and has given me his old albums to dispose of as I see fit.  So I decided to upcycle these into bowls ( upcycle definition http://casasugar.com/600374 ).

First try at melted album bowl.

First try at melted album bowl.

Well this was not my husband’s music and I could not tell you how we came to own this record, but who wants to melt vintage Blood, Sweat & Tears unproductively? So when I found these classical Funk and Wagnall (what? I thought they did encyclopedias back in the 60’s) records that no one would miss, I used them for my initial trial at this new art form.

What I discovered is you have to play with time and temperature and if you have the convection option: to convect or not to convect that’s the big question! Then what to use as your mold? It took several bowls from my cupboard, 6 or more various temperatures, many meltings and re-meltings to come up with the bowl you see here. Turns out melted vinyl albums create a very forgiving sculptors medium.

Now I realize this bowl doesn’t look so great in this photo. So I guess a disclaimer is in order,” Items in photos look better than pictured here.”  Perhaps my next entry will discuss how to photograph these great bowls to showcase their beauty. Probably won’t, so just trust me and if you have some old vinyl lps, free time and need a bowl? Then turn on your exhaust fan, open your windows, start with 150 degree preheated oven and upcycle yourself one!


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